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Madrina spotlight

Catch me as a guest on podcasts, interviews, and more!  Updated with every new opportunity.



Selina Gomez-Beloz, Owner of Madrina Consulting, discusses how her library leadership skills help her serve women-identifying and BIPOC small business owners and non-profit leaders.


In this interview, I meet with Selina Gomez-Beloz, who has an amazing story. She refused to be a statistic after becoming a teen mom, and has continued on her own journey to educate herself and now help other women.


In this interview, we spoke with Selina Gomez - a coach serving the Latina community. She gave us 3 tips on how to feel confident in having an effective and productive conversation.


Selina works with and coaches Latina and women executives in private, public, and nonprofit organizations. Selina comes from a long line of strong and dedicated Mexican and Puerto Rican women and continues the traditions and values of las Madrinas in her life through her business services.

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