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Protect your employees

I believe that every small business wants to have happy and engaged employees. I also believe that every employee wants to be engaged with their workplace and leadership. Unfortunately, there are many stories where this has broken down.

There are some basic guidelines to keeping your employees happy and engaged.

  • Pay a livable wage - This will benefit both you and your employee in the long run. At least have a plan to bring your employees up to a liveable wage over time. Check your state laws! Some states are now implementing a graduated increase to a $15 minimum wage.

  • Communicate - Even if just a few minutes each day to catch up with your employees. It doesn't have to be about the workday, but be authentic and listen well. All people benefit from honest interaction.

  • Be aware - Today's businesses must be mindful of their employee (and customer's) diverse backgrounds. Though you may not need to memorize every aspect of someone's identity, you should always be open to learning about them. We all make mistakes. If you are not sure how to address an employee's identity, ask with compassion and respect for guidance so that you can continue to respect them as a person.

And now, protect them:

  • Fix your policies - This may not be your first thought, but it is essential. If you haven't reviewed your personnel policies or don't have any, now is the time to bring them up-to-date. A progressive and clear policy will protect you and your employee in the future should there be a need to engage a policy. Your employees should know their job expectations and how the business will handle their concerns or issues.

  • Be as flexible as possible - You may be working with people with "invisible" disabilities or particular circumstances in their personal life. Be flexible as possible when addressing problem behavior like tardiness, a slow path to learning, or even the need to keep a phone handy when it isn't usually allowed. Taking time to understand your employee's circumstance before getting upset or passing judgment can go a long way to a healthy work relationship. Then, work with them to help them remain successful in their job.

Investing time in your business structure and your employees can be very beneficial to your business success.

Need help updating or writing your personnel handbook or policies. Contact us today to learn how Madrina Consulting can save you time, money, and headaches!

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