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Practicing self-care (updated)

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

I have learned over the last four years the true benefit of self-care.

There was a time when I was essentially doing two full-time jobs at once, getting run down and sick. Now I intentionally slow down and pace out what I am working on. I've learned to say no, not right now.

This new way (for me) of doing things meant that I could start a business, start a full-time job, and go to school full-time. I slowed my business work, knew when it was best to drop a class to claim back some time, and learned how to give my best to my job.

And I feel on top of it all!

And I feel great! I have taken time out of my week to regroup and spend time with family. And now I'm on vacation!

Last week, I turned in my last assignment and will walk at graduation in June. Now, I am beginning to use my extra time to focus more on my business, network, create content, and set my path to success.

Update: Graduation was great!!!

As a consultant, I can help alleviate some of the business or administrative tasks claiming your energy. As a coach, I can help clear the mental blocks keeping you from moving forward or seeing opportunities.

Always take some time for yourself, even if it feels stressful at first. Burning out or getting sick because it is too much sometimes isn't worth it. Life goes on. Enjoy every minute of it.

What are you doing to take care of yourself?

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