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Comadre Café and Madrinas

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

I am doing something new! It is exhilarating and a little scary.

Throughout my journey as a new business owner, I am reminded of the value of a community. I initially learned this value as a child growing up in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood.

Growing up, I was never without someone to go to when I needed help. People looked out for me, my family, friends, and neighbors. Many of these champions were women who I could call madrina.

Madrina means Godmother in Spanish. I have two Madrinas - one for my baptism and one for my communion. Both are beautiful ladies, and I'm sad that I haven't seen them in many years. And when I do see them, it is like no time has passed.

But throughout my life, there have been many women who I have considered madrinas. These women listened to my dreams and concerns and never discouraged me. These madrinas were excited when I tried something new and always had advice when needed. Sometimes, these women, friends, aunts, neighbors, and coworkers had the connections that helped me move to the next stage of my life or project.

These relationships with madrinas are so extraordinary. Without them, I may have taken longer to achieve what I have and perhaps even struggled a little bit more. My life would certainly be less vibrant without them.

The Comadre Café is built on this experience of having madrinas. This membership community will be a safe place where women of color from all walks of life can seek out the community to support them. Whether their journey into entrepreneurship is just starting or they have a few years of experience.

In the Comadre Café, there will be

* Free content at all levels

* Learning opportunities

* Networking time

* Business promotion and more!

Who are the Founding Madrinas?

Founding Madrinas are the first members who influence the content, help create learning experiences, and build relationships. Madrina's privileges are part of a premium package and will increase in value as the group grows.

I'm so excited to see this get started and see how it will grow! I hope you will join me!

To learn more about becoming a Founding Madrina, please click on the image below or message me for more information.

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