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Inspired from lunch and nails

This week (so far) has been great. Everything that happened was just what I needed!

I was feeling stuck when it came to my own business. I felt like I was in my own way. I could see the path I wanted to take, but I couldn't move past where I was.

So frustrating!

I had the pleasure of meeting a friend and colleague for lunch this week. This guy is enthusiasm personified! He is a successful business person, extremely knowledgeable about project management, and a natural at building relationships.

We had a great discussion over some fantastic food.

I told him about my current frustration with being in my own way. Did I need to hire someone to do creative work for me? Is there a tool I need? Is there some super secret society I should join to get started again?

His answer: No.

He said I was what I needed most. I had to say that out loud to really hear it.


He spent a few minutes explaining that I was already good at what I was trying to accomplish. He noted that I am great at lifting up others and myself when I'm excited about a topic. I need to remember this every day.

I went home full of good food, happy with the time I spent with this friend and energized by the conversation. My cheeks even hurt a little from smiling. He has that effect on people (fair warning!).

The other activity I did this week was fixing a nail.

Fixed thumbnail!

During COVID, I learned to do my own nails. This nail broke, and I spent time outside fixing it. But that isn't the best part!

The best part is that while waiting for my nail to dry under an LED light, I listened to a live show with Jessica Fearnley, CEO of Seven Figure Consultant, called Stop Overworking and Make More Money.

She and her co-host Meghan said some things I think are important for all women in business to remember. I'll paraphrase:

  1. You do not need to fill every minute of your day. - When I was a director, I remember being exhausted after a few busy days, and I wasn't really as productive as I wanted to be.

  2. Listen to your intuition and how to guide your work and time. - You know your capabilities. Taking on projects that don't align with your skills or passion won't do much for you in the long run.

  3. You don't have to overwork to be successful. - I love that Jessica said no one is waiting to give us a grade for all our work. You can be successful without wearing yourself down.

The whole conversation was great, but I was working on my nail, so I didn't write down everything. Check out the replay for more. Jessica also has a fabulous newsletter.

Now I feel energized to move forward on those tasks where I felt stuck. I feel confident about my next steps and will be just fine when I take a break to recharge.

What has improved your week?


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