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Deciding on Excellence, in three steps

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

I was never a great student in high school.

When I became a college student, I realized that I needed to try harder if I was going to provide a good life for my daughter and myself.

This led to trying to be perfect, which led to lots of stress. And it led to not achieving perfection, which was disappointing at the time, despite the achievements I made.

Now, I understand the worthy goal of excellence. Excellence, not perfection, allows for growth, creativity, innovation, and discovery and can help you avoid some stress.

So, how does one focus on excellence?

Of course, we all want to do well. We all want to be successful and positively impact our communities, our businesses, and our lives.

Your path on a journey of excellence can get started in three steps.

1. Aim high, but make a plan

There is no reason not to aim for the best in what you are hoping to accomplish. Aspirations are important. To reach those goals, make a plan for each step of the way. Saying you want to have the highest ranking dog training service in the state is great! So how are you going to get there? Make a plan for attainable goals to reach your main goal.

2. Recognize when you have reached a milestone.

Reaching your highest goal may take some time to recognize when you have reached important milestones in your work. And celebrate them! These milestones are so crucial to your whole journey.

Celebrating these milestones to your ultimate goal will help you realize that all of your work is important, not just the final destination.

3. Recognize and learn from your mistakes.

The chances are that you will make a mistake here and there as you work on your higher goals. That's ok. Mistakes are learning opportunities, not evidence of not being successful or worthy. Assess the problem, seek guidance on fixing the problem, and continue the journey.

These steps have helped me to reduce my stress, take pride in my work, feel more confident about my skills and reach excellence in my career.

What other tips do you use to reach excellence in your life?


Madrina Consulting can help your company or nonprofit complete those projects needed to continue your path to success. We also provide coaching to you and your team.

Are you a new businesswoman? Contact us for a free discovery call and see where we can help you find your path to success!

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