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Coffee - my favorite business tool

I admit it. I'm a coffee snob. I don't like added flavors like vanilla or hazelnut. I drink it hot, not cold. And I use heavy cream whenever I can. And I don't drink cheap coffee or stuff that has been warming all day long.

Coffee is one of my favorite business tools, also!

My first introduction to coffee was through my grandmother, my Beautiful Grandma. I learned to brew coffee by making hers - hot, caffeinated, milk, a Sweet n Low, and an ice cube. Yes, an ice cube. She liked it hot but wanted to drink it now, not when it cooled off too much. I drank my coffee like this for years (except for the sweetener choice).

My ideal coffee is fresh ground, preferably South American, slow brewed in a percolator with a 1/2 spoon of ground cocoa and Mexican cinnamon. Then, when hot and ready, add heavy cream and some Splenda. Oh, so good! Of course, I have to use my favorite, very large cups!

So what does this have to do with coffee being a business tool?

First, coffee. We gotta start the day, right? And make it through the day.

Second, when meeting with a potential client it is easy to be nervous, no matter how aften you've done it. A hot beverage to offer or to hold on to can help redirect some nervous energy. Plus, most people can bond over morning drink preferences.

Third, there are so many options on how to make yourself memorable. I like to send send a "coffee thanks" after specific types of meetings. In the age of Zoom meetings, going out to coffee in person isn't always an option for health and location reasons.

Fourth, not everyone is back in there office. Or they have started a business from their home. So sending cards or small tokens might not be seen for a while or at all.

Fifth, community. Whenever people get together, in nearly any setting, there is a drink of choice available. I believe community is an essential part of a successful business. When is the last time you went to a community social, after church gathering, PTA meeting, or a club function when there wasn't coffee there?

So, grab your favorite mug and coffee fixings and get down to business.

Happy National Coffee Day!


I'm hosting a free Comadre Café Chat on October 8, 11:30 AM CST. You can get more information here and sign up.

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