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Becoming a CEO

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

My journey to becoming a CEO and business owner has been an eventful one. And it has not been without its challenges. The challenges that I experienced led me to want to help other women and BIPOC achieve even greater success in small businesses or nonprofits.

I grew up in a steel mill town where most of the residents worked for the mill and were from either Mexican, African American, or Polish cultures. In this close-knit neighborhood, there were several "madrinas" that we could go to for help. She usually had the contacts for services we needed, has the knowledge to help make our situation better, or could be the support you needed when you felt you had no one else to go to.

As a Mexican-Puerto Rican woman, a first-generation college graduate, and a person who started adulthood as a young, single parent, I understand the barriers women and BIPOC persons face when working toward their success. One of the best ways to overcome these barriers or make challenges easier is to have a system of support and community. Personally, I also love a good plan to help navigate the road before me.

When I decided to start my own business I was nervous.

How would I pay for it?

Will anyone pay me for the work?

How do I find others like me?

It took a little while, and a lot of reading, to find my answers. And those answers have evolved. Like many entrepreneurs, I started "bootstrapping" my business (paying out of my own pocket - no loans, etc). I also was pleased to learn that there was room for me in my industry! And there are clients out there that need my services.

Finding others like me ended up being the hardest and eventually easiest part!

Social media has been best for this, especially during the pandemic. I'm building new networks all the time.

Research has shown that many businesses led by women or BIPOC persons don't have easy access to resources and support enjoyed by their non-minority or male counterparts. And although times may be changing, finding professionals that look like us or understand our culture and background can still be difficult.

At Madrina Consulting, I offer impactful business services to help you grow and succeed in the profit and nonprofit business world. I use a framework of inclusion and equity, culture, and integrity to create a successful partnership with you to complete the projects needed. To begin to support your business, I offer a free consultation to explore how we can improve your processes or develop new goals and projects.

Contact us today to find out how we may be of assistance to you.


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