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Courses and Group Coaching

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Taking the Empowering Latina Leaders Masterclass can be an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth. Here are some reasons why:

  • Gain Leadership Skills: The course is designed to help you develop skills and strategies to become an effective leader in your personal and professional life. You are already great; this masterclass will help you focus on your strengths. 

  • Connect with Other Latinas: The course provides a supportive community of other Latina women who share similar experiences and can offer valuable insights and perspectives. We have a shared experience that we can all understand. 

  • Increase Confidence and build on your strengths: Learning from successful Latina leaders and gaining new skills can help boost your confidence in your abilities.

  • Flourish in your Reality: The course explores Latina leaders' unique challenges and strengths and helps you understand your gaps and how to fill them, declare your successes, and empower your voice. You've handled barriers and challenges before, and this masterclass will help you develop new skills for what may lie ahead.

  • Expand Your Network: Connecting with other Latinas and leaders can help you build valuable relationships and expand your professional network. You'll also have access to our membership site for one year so you can stay in touch and continue to grow!


This masterclass will honor your culture, your identity, your experience, and your success to elevate you to a new level in your leadership journey. 

Want to talk about it for a few minutes? Schedule a call with me!

Mira Comadre, we know that everyone has a budget of some sort.  I don't want you to miss out on this very special masterclass!  You can choose to spread the cost of the course over two months (plus a small processing fee). 

With this masterclass, you will get the following: 

* small group learning experience

* 2 in-person, high-end course sessions at Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant

* Personal Strengths Assessment

* One year access to an online community with resources and connections

* Two 45-minute individual coaching calls with Selina during the course. 

* Topics and issues that honor your culture and traditions

* A safe, productive, and supportive learning experience with other Latinas

* So much more!



1. Is this online or in person? ** We will meet in person in Chicago for the first and last meeting. The rest of the sessions will be online. 2. What are the basic requirements? ** Participants should identify as Latina, be within travel distance of Chicago (travel costs are participant responsibility), and have a desire to elevate their leadership skills and status. 3. Can I make payments? Use the Schedule a Call button above to talk to me. Let's see wht we can do together. 4. Is this course eligible for CEUs? ** Not currently. We will be providing certificates of completion to all participants who complete the course. 5. How much time will this take? ** Each of the eight sessions are set to last no more than 90 minutes. We have set the time in the evenings to help take pressure off your workday. Our first and last sessions are in person, so please allow for more time to meet your comadre leaders. 6. Can i watch replays instead? ** This course is designed to help you build your network and skills, so participation is encouraged. You'll have a opportunity to share with your business comadres and learn from each other's experiences, thoughts, and questions. Although six sessions will be recorded, they will only be available after July. 7. I'm interested but I don't identify as Latina, can I still register? ** I'm so glad you are interested in this course! This time, we are limiting this to Latinas in leadership positions to create a space where we can share in a safe, known space. Other courses for women will be offered later this year. Please subscribe to my site to recieve the latest news. I have other questions. How can I get them answered? ** Please email Selina at

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