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One of the most challenging tasks for a new leader is finding people talent that adds value to the organization, builds a great team, and benefits the customers.  Starting with a process focused on DEI and customer service is a great start to building a great team.  

Preparing to Hire

When preparing to hire, there are several items to consider: 

  • What skills do I need to complement my team and me? 

  • What are the duties specific to this position?

  • What knowledge and abilities are needed for success?  Ex: Emotional intelligence, compassion, good with data, computer skills

  • Where will this position fit in our organizational structure? 

  • Can I provide a living wage and/or benefits?

  • Are all of my business records in order?  Ex:  EIN secured, prepared to handle employment taxes

Labor Laws

Know your State, Local, and Federal Laws

Before you hire, you should consult with your lawyer to make sure you are following all applicable laws.  Don't have a lawyer?  Try these websites for a start to understanding the law.

Writing Job Descriptions

Job descriptions take some time and thought to write.  Try these tips and resources for help. 

  1. Use an accurate job title and avoid lingo. 

  2. Be clear in the job duties description. 

  3. List the hours and salary expectations clearly. 

  4. List any benefits or special requirements clearly. 

Try these resources also: 


Choosing and interviewing a candidate is a bit of an art form.  You want to select candidates that fit your needs, but you also want to consider the whole person and what they can bring to your organization that may not be reflected in experience or education.  Here are a few helpful links to get started. 

Onboarding Employees and Volunteers

Now that you've selected a new employee or a great volunteer, it is vital to onboard them. Essentially, this involves getting your new person acquainted with the organization so that they can succeed in their position. It is best to prepare this information ahead of time and recognize that the process can take an hour to a few days, depending on how much they need to learn to do their job well. 

Some basics to include: 

  • The mission and vision of the organization/business

  • Basic policies, including employee rights

  • The last annual report or other official marketing piece describing the work of the organization

  • HR paperwork, including an I-9 form, benefits paperwork, W-4 form, employee emergency contact info

  • Keys, passwords, logins, and lock combinations are relevant to their position. Keep a log of these items to identify who has access.

  • Set up email access, electronic timecard access, or any other database that requires a login

  • Provide introductions to other staff at all levels! Describe what they do and how they can help the new person. 

Of course, it is important to remember to get your new person set up with all legally required documents. But these first days are crucial to make them feel welcome in their new workspace. Employees and volunteers who feel supported will succeed for themselves and you. 

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