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Comadre Café Chat
Ready for the New Year 

Goal-setting workshop for
women business owners

December 10, 2022 --- 11:30 AM CST


The holidays are a crazy busy time!  Shopping, visiting, cooking, cleaning, driving...what aren't we doing?!


But it is never too late to set your goals for yourself and your business life. 

In this one-hour workshop, we'll: 

Define what goals mean to you

Understanding what goals really are and how planning them can work in your business 

Create SMART goals

Goals are more difficult to reach if they aren't SMART.  You'll learn how to create goals that you can actually attain and what to do if you get sidetracked.

Dedicate time for yourself!

Send the family out on errands, put the dog out, and put your Saturday chores aside.  Make your favorite cafecito and join your business comadres for this workshop. 

Do you find yourself making goals you can't keep?

YOU are not the problem!  Making goals is not just about saying you will do something.  It means understanding your motivation, knowing you can commit, and having a plan. 

As women entrepreneurs, we have multiple areas where we need to create goals.  And that can feel impossible when life pulls us in many directions.  In this workshop, we'll create realistic goals for life and business. 

All participants will leave with an action plan for 2023! 

A close look


We'll examine ways to look what is truly in our hearts and minds to accomplish. This is the motivation to take the actions necessary to achieve our goals. 

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Saying we will do something is easy.  Committing to it is where the work come in.  

Action plan

Goals take action!  Positive energry, postive thought, and manifestation are important.  Making a plan to hold ourselves accountable makes progress. 

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