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Welcome to the Comadre Café

This community is for you!

- Latina who wants to start their own business

- Women of Color already on their business journey

- BIPOC female leader ready to share her experiences

- looking for a community of other women entrepreneurs 

Try out the community for two weeks FREE!! 

Benefits of membership include: 

* Supportive Facebook group

Monthly networking meetings

* Comadres with shared experiences

* Access to resources and tools

* Opportunities for learning 

* Special guests and more!

Member areas

Want to be a Founding Madrina? 

Are you a business owner with 2 or more years of experience?

Do you have a specialized career or education that could be helpful to the Comadres? 

Do you want to support women like you as they are on their path to success?

Do you want to be a part of a supportive community of Latinas? 

Become a Founding Madrina today! 

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