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Coaching Packages

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An executive coach is there to be a trusted source of information and inspiration.  Your coach helps you think of problems from different points of view, challenges you to move outside of your box when finding solutions, and cheers you on when you succeed. 

Individual executive coaching has its benefits: 

  • improved business performance

  • serves as an accountability partner

  • goal setting and achievement

  • improved leadership skills

  • identify blind spots

  • better relationships with coworkers and staff

  • improved self-esteem

  • creative decision making

  • saves time and money in achieving goals 

Talking over Coffee

Free Discovery Call 

Find the best service for your needs.

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Right Now Coaching SM

Help when you need it. 

Image by Joel Muniz

Latina Executive Group Coaching

Finding success and progress together

Online Meeting

Individual Coaching

Personalized and empowering coaching

Not sure what kind of help you really need?  Looking for solution suggestions? 

Book a no obligation discovery call to help figure out what your next steps might be. 

You are a busy professional with lots of projects on your desk, and you know that having a coach is a valuable professional tool but haven't done it yet.

But sometimes you need help with something Right Now.
Right Now Coaching is the help you need if you are: 

  • needing to prepare for a difficult conversation 

  • preparing to take your board or managers in a new direction

  • looking for an objective view of your most current challenge

  • looking for quick and new perspectives and strategies for problem-solving and decision making 

Right Now Coaching provides a quick response and turnaround to your needs. 

We created our leadership coaching group specifically for Latina Executives.  We believe a community of women with similar backgrounds and experiences enhances our growth and success.  

You can expect support, personal growth, actionable tips and tools, and the development of long-lasting relationships.

Working with Madrina Consulting in this small group of women has particular benefits. 

  • flexible schedule to accommodate work life

  • specific topics on leadership, confidence, decision-making, and more are explored

  • private, virtual meetings 

  • individual sessions for a more personal touch

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