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In many cultures, communities, and families there are women we look to for guidance, connections, and support that everyone turns to. These are madrinas (godmothers), and they are there when other lines of support have been tried.

We carry on this tradition. 

At Madrina Consulting, we are here to help you find success through innovative and reliable services.  Our professionals are skilled at producing successful outcomes and bringing value to our clients. Our business focuses on working with women-identifying and BIPOC small business owners and nonprofit leaders to overcome barriers and challenges to their success.  

Selina, our CEO, is a proud Mexican-Puerto-Rican woman, a mother, wife, leader, and dedicated professional.  With 26 years of professional experience in nonprofit leadership, Selina has experienced the challenges of being a woman and a Latina in the workforce and has overcome them.  These challenges are significant for so many, and nearly neverending.  They should never get in the way of personal and professional success. 

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Young Confident Woman
Mother and Daughter
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